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steps improve access for children with mobility impairments who are not limited to wheelchair access, while ramps allow children using wheelchairs to join in the fun! There are several slides and climbing areas and children can enter and engage in stimulating experiences at many different points. The south ramp exit takes the child to the top of the hill in the park for a beautiful birds-eye view!

We welcome all gifts, large and small. Naming opportunities are available, and gifts can be given over three years. Plus we need you to help spread the word, to let your family, friends and neighbors know about this park designed for everyone, right here in our hometown.

The first phase of the park provides a barrier-free playground. Thanks to the generosity of the City of Boynton Beach, we have already received a $4 million gift, in-kind, for the land. The City has also funded $2.1 million for the barrier-free playground. Another $500,000 is required to complete the first phase of the park.

There are beautiful meandering walkways throughout the park connecting several play areas, a picnic pavilion and a large open field. Two shade sails have been installed over the spider web climbing structure and the Sway Fun boat ride for fun all day long! The Swamp splash pad is just across the bridge in the center of the park with spraying cattails, a frog mister and large alligator heads that peer out of the ground and squirt water to cool you off! The landscaping takes you back in time to old South Florida; the native plants and swamp like creatures make this a unique and universally accessible park.

To finish Phase I and then complete the rest of the Congress Avenue Barrier-Free Park, we need you! The Settlement Area is the largest play feature in this park and donors are needed. Interactive play panels, installed at the ground level of the playground create fun while helping children learn. Smooth surfaces, protective playground surface for wheelchairs, and transition edgers to allow easier transition to an adjacent surface. Transfer decks and shallow

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